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King Land and Cattle is a Brangus and Ultrablack cattle operation in Ashland, Alabama. The herd is owned and run by Robert and Melanie King with a lot of help from their children and Robert’s parents, Bob and Nevarrah. Robert and Melanie intend to grow the herd to about 100 calves per year comprised of primarily embryo transfer calves and A.I. sired calves.

The focus of King Land & Cattle’s Brangus and Ultrablack cattle herd is “function first.” When you select cattle based on a single trait, you can end up with a train wreck in a very brief time. Chasing a big weaning weight is useless if you loose calves every year because of their birth weight. Having an outstanding carcass is futile if the cows that are going to produce those highly carcass driven cattle are not able to travel the pasture and continue in the herd. There is nothing wrong with having a great weaning weight and great carcass traits, you just can’t put those traits above being able to function on grass, lay down and have a calf unassisted, sound feet, legs, and udders. You must keep all of these traits in mind to breed functional, useful and PROFITABLE cattle for today’s cattleman.

Function first!

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